The hammering System to obtain Power Variations

The term“pulse mode”, refers to a particular measure we have adopted which consists of the generation of periods of power which are 50-80% superior to normal power, followed by equal periods of zero power. This particular operating mode is used for two reasons:

  • to supply, even if for short periods, a significantly greater ultrasonic power compared to normal
  • to then have as many moments of absolute quiet to block the formation of standing waves

This particular function is adopted in cases where the effect at increased power is preferable to a continuous and uniform action. These are cases in which the material to be removed is securely connected to the surface of the part as, in the case of oxidation, calcareous encrustations, vitrified varnishes, or the flowering or budding of organic material.

Pulse Mode negli Ultrasuoni

Pulse mode can be enabled in 3 modes:

  • On a generator using the up & down pushbuttons
  • With remote PLC control on the I/O inputs
  • With control on port rs232 by Windows PC OS

In order to avoid overloading the PZT elements, a timed limiter prevents the repetition of the pushbutton operation for a period of time equal to the length of time it was activated.

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