Ultrasonic cleaning of printing rollers, ink trays, anilox rollers, flexographic printing

The printing of weekly and daily publications using either the offset, rotogravure, or flexographic method requires continuous maintenance and cleaning of every component which comes into contact with inks or similar.

For years, our cleaners using water-based detergents have proven themselves to be irreplaceable due to the quick reconditioning of the various printing components and the minimum need for manual labour.

The great advantage of our cleaning systems is their ability to use water-based detergents.

In fact, the use of organic solvents has been abandoned, due to their high toxicity and the hazard they present to personnel who must wear protective clothing and equipment (gloves, coveralls and face masks).

The significant problems and costs for the disposal of special waste, and the regulations for their transport are increasingly compelling when comparing solvents with water-based detergents. This has resulted in the selection of ultrasonic cleaning systems which employ detergents in the vast majority of cases.

A final note relates to the undeniable danger posed by several solvents (toluene, xylol, etc.) as well as the disassociation of chlorinated solvents (phosgene) from overheating, for which there are significant costs in the construction of systems and the adoption of special safety measures for personnel.

Cleaning inks with minimum labour

Our ultrasonic cleaning systems are increasingly used with almost no added costs for labour. In fact, the only task assigned personnel are required to perform is to place and remove parts from the mobile tank platform.

Lastly, ultrasonic cleaners in the LIFTER series automatically clean inks, at an appropriate distance from personnel, in a healthy environment.

The process – step by step

The parts soiled with ink are loaded onto a platform.

When the START command, is given, in automatic mode:

  • the platform descends
  • the cover closes
  • the ultrasonic cleaners are powered ON
  • an “up and down” (tilting) movement begins, at the end of which
  • the cover opens
  • the platform rises again to the loading/unloading position

The inks are cleaned in water-based detergents with a low concentration of alkaline solution (3-5%) at a moderate temperature (60°C).

The low concentration leaves no excess residue meaning the treated parts rarely need to be rinsed.

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Cleaning ink rollers

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