Frequencies variation

Ultrasonic cleaning requires a lot of power which must therefore be distributed across all of the many PZT elements (transducers) affixed to the vertical walls and/or the base.

These must be as identical to each other as possible and therefore are manufactured with the utmost care and precision using numerical control machinery so that, in our case, they have a resonance frequency of 33,000 Hz.

In practice this is not possible to achieve; in fact, every element measured on the test bed has its own resonance which can also differ from 400-800 Hz from one to another.

Therefore, if a generator emits a single fixed frequency, some PZT elements would not work at their proper resonance resulting in poor performance, quick overheating and deterioration.

To avoid this problem, the generator is equipped with a special program, namely the sweep mode, which is set in the workshop, and refined on site during final testing, when the effective basic central frequency is determined, and how much movement must occur to achieve the resonance of every PZT element. For example, a base frequency of 30,650 Hz and frequency sweep of 1,200 Hz

With these measures, even for brief instances of time, all PZT elements operate at their own resonance frequency and, in this way the power yield of the entire assembly is optimised and the load is uniformly distributed across all the elements.

Sweep mode ensures the complete integrity of the transducers for years, which is why we guarantee our PZT elements for 5 years.

Frequenza Variabile Ultrasuoni

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